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Deploying Azure AD Authentication using MVC.Net on server

Aug 16, 2014 at 6:35 AM
I have developed a MVC.Net application where users can authenticate themselves against their AzureAD credentials i.e. Azure AD is the Login Provider. In this app we have also used Office 365 C#.Net API to read logged-in user's Calender events, mails etc.
This app works perfectly when running on local-machine i.e. when running from VS2013 but as we deploy it on Azure either as Web-Site or on VM created by Azure then after successful sign-in response is sent back to some .axd file and from there nothing happens.
Ex-> After signing-in control is sent back to :

As you can see control is sent back to our web app (to some .axd file) and from there nothing happens further. i.e. I see a blank screen.

Can someone give us a clue of what wrong am I doing while deploying the app on server?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Also, for additional information the configured return url of application on Azure Ad Tenant is :
But, there is an Appsetting in Web.Config file which probably is causing the issue when deployed on Azure :

<add key="ida:RedirectUri" value="/b578352e-717c-49bf-9de1-75992580896f.axd" />