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Is it possibly to simulate a login process similar to what takes place with UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication

Apr 24, 2015 at 4:31 PM
We're trying to implement our own version of Mixed Mode authentication. We use Identity Server 3 for authentication where users need to enter their user name and passwords.

However, I'm trying to add Windows Authentication to the mix. Our site app has a specific aspx that only allows windows authentication.

We can get the Windows User name, we can make a call to get an access token as well as claims.

But going that route we don't have a refresh token or anything of the sort like what happens in the AuthorizationCodeReceived func within UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication?

I've posted this in Identity's gitHub issues but have yet to get any type of response so I'm trying to broaden the audience in hopes of coming up with a solution.