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ValidatingIssuerNameRegistry still required for UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication?

Jul 2, 2015 at 6:41 AM
I've noticed we originally had some old code which references ValidatingIssuerNameRegistry which performs rewritting the web.config with some thumbprint.
      var metadataAddress = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FederationMetadataLocation"];
        ValidatingIssuerNameRegistry.WriteToConfig(metadataAddress, configPath);
However we are now using UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication hence not sure if this step is required anymore? e.h. how do we trust the request otherwise

Also most of the samples make note of setting "ValidateIssuer = false". We've enabled this and set several Issuers in the ValidIssuers string which seems to be working for Multi-tenanted users at the moment given we need to trust certain tenant users (e.g. restricted access app)