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Future Releases

The next major version of Katana is part of the ASP.NET vNext project on GitHub, including support for ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and SignalR. See for details. Here is a list of Katana components and where you can find their next version:

3.0.0 Release (August 2014)

  • WS-Federation - Middleware component supporting the WS-Federation protocol for federated identity in an OWIN pipeline.
  • OpenID Connect - Middleware component supporting the OpenID Connect protocol for federated identity in an OWIN pipeline.
  • Remove support for .NET Framework 4.0 in order to significantly improve performance via async await
  • See

2.1.0 Release (February 2014)

2.0.0 Release (Fall of 2013)

  • Microsoft.Owin.Hosting – Provides default services and helper types for building OWIN-compatible hosts. Notable default services include the default application builder and loader. Additionally, Owin.Types provides a framework agnostic set of types for working with HTTP and Web socket requests and responses.
  • Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener - Provides an HTTP server that can be used when hosting OWIN applications from a process other than IIS. This can include katana.exe (described below), or a developer’s own custom host application (such as a console application or Windows service). The server is built on top of the .NET Framework’s HttpListener class.
  • Added feature to Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb whereby a middleware component can specify a hint so that the package is run in the specified IIS pipeline stage. This feature was required to support the various authentication middleware components outlined below.
  • Microsoft.Owin.Diagnostics - Middleware components that provide some rudimentary tracing and diagnostics capabilities, as well as a “start page” (similar to IIS’s “the server is running” default page).
  • Authentication middleware
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth - Middleware component for enabling authentication based on JWT bearer tokens in an OWIN pipeline. Also middleware component for exposing an OAuth2 authorization server endpoint.
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Facebook - Middleware component for enabling authentication using Facebook’s OAuth flow in an OWIN pipeline.
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Cookie - Middleware component for supporting the cookie-based forms authentication that has existed for years in the ASP.NET framework.
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Google - Middleware component for supporting Google’s OpenID protocol implementation in an OWIN pipeline.
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Twitter - Middleware component for supporting Twitter’s OAuth 1.0 protocol in an OWIN pipeline.
    • Microsoft.Owin.Security.MicrosoftAccount - Middleware component for supporting Windows Live/Microsoft account authentication in an OWIN pipeline.
  • Microsoft.OwinHost.exe - Provides a host process for running an OWIN application. The executable can be configured (via either its own command line or settings provided in the application’s startup code) to use any number of available Katana servers (the HttpListener server listed above is one such server).
  • VS Tooling - Our NuGet package will give developers the ability to have a complete F5 experience in Visual Studio, even when hosting the application with Microsoft.OwinHost.exe.

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bitmask777 May 31, 2016 at 8:16 PM 
Why is Katana being folded into ASP.NET? It binds the implementation of OWIN helpers into the web framework. In the Ruby world, this would be like folding Rack into Rails. Anyone using other web frameworks would be prevented from leveraging the OWIN helper implementations.

vrenken Jul 23, 2015 at 12:28 PM 

I'm really curious, can we expect support for HTTP/2 in Katana? I've already spotted the HTTP/2 branch of Katana ( but that seems to be a prototype.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Vrenken

MartinJ87 Nov 2, 2013 at 2:05 PM 
Is there any documentation available, in case any one of us wanted to help with the development?