This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

Branch structure

  • Master: Contains the source code for the last release (e.g. matches packages)
  • Release: Contains the source code for the next upcoming release. Pushed to Master once released.
  • Dev: Ongoing feature work. Pushed to Release when we start stabilizing/locking-down for the next release. Any pull requests should be for this branch unless otherwise noted.
  • Others: Misc feature branches may be created to develop individual features. These will be merged back to Dev as required.

Cloning/enlisting and building the sources:

  • Follow the CodePlex instructions for forking the repo and cloning it locally.
  • Everything should build using Katana.sln in VS2012 or with the command line build.cmd. If it doesn't, file an issue. (Some additional notes here:
  • In v2.x.x most projects only target .NET 4.0 and should also build with the Katana.VS2010.sln. If this is outdated then fix it or file an issue.
  • In v3.0.0 all projects target .NET 4.5.
  • Using the WebSocket features or running the WebSocket tests requires Windows 8+.

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