somtime I cannot authenticate by Owin at first login by facebook

I used OWIN Auth to authenticate on my mvc 5 website. It run great on localhost, i can login and get user's info from facebook. However, I have a bug when run on IIS server. Sometime, I can...

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Make nuget-deploy optional

I build the katanaproject from a VS 2013 command prompt using: set Platform=AnyCPU set DevDivCodeAnalysisRunType=Disabled call build.cmd release deploy > build.txt 2>&1 Problem The last step of t...

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Skip web socket tests if platform has no web socket support

I'm on Windows/7 and this platform has no web socket support. Web socket is supported from Windows 8, see

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Using TestServer results in plethora of TraceListeners

Every time you use a TestServer in a unit test, another TraceListener is added to Trace.Listeners. This causes a substantial buildup of duplicate tracing. Workaround is periodically call Trace.Li...

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Request to Identity provider is attempted even if authorization code is null, logging an error.

Looking at GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationHandler.AuthenticateCoreAsync(), if there is no 'code' parameter in the query string, a request is still made to googles endpoint attempting to exchange it for ...

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Exceptions may cause request pump leak

Unhandled exceptions in OwinHttpListener.ProcessRequestsAsync from HttpListener.GetContextAsync() may bypass decrementing _currentOutstandingAccepts and cause the request pumping loop to stop accep...

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Facebook API 2.4 breaking changes ?

Hi guys, I think the latest change to the Facebook (Graph) API 2.4 made some breaking changes to the default FacebookAuthenticationHandler class (using Microsoft.Owin.Security.Facebook 3.0.1). ...

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ArgumentNullException for refresh token

When sending a request to the refresh token endpoint and specifying the grant_type to be refresh_token but providing no other parameters, an ArgumentNullException is raised in AuthenticationTokenRe...

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Cookie auth middleware only uses first identity instead of all

The cookie authentication middleware uses AuthenticationResponseGrant.Identity when issuing the cookie. unfortunately this property only contains the first identity in the list of identities availa...

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The type 'Microsoft.Owin.IOwinContext' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'Microsoft.Owin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'

I was trying to debug a latest Angular JS app application with Katana Source ( to learn underlying katana implementations, but keep fa...

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